Premium Investor Certificate

The Premium Investor Certificate, issued by the Economic Development Board (EDB) allows companies investing at least Rs 500 million, and companies involved in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, to benefit from bespoke incentives, upon recommendation of a Technical Committee and approval by the Minister. The objectives of the scheme are to promote the emergence of pioneering industries, innovative sectors and first movers.

The two clauses below provides more information regarding the premium investor certificate and who will be eligible for the certificate.


(a)         Any person meeting the criteria for a Premium Investor Certificate as set out in clause 2 below shall be eligible to apply for a Premium Investor Certificate.

(b)         A holder of a Premium Investor Certificate may benefit from such incentives as may be set out in its certificate.


A project shall be considered under the Premium Investor Scheme if –

(a)         it entails a minimum investment of Rs 500 million rupees in –

  1. emerging sectors;
  2. pioneering industries and first movers;
  3. innovative technologies and industries; or
  4. such targeted economic activities as the Minister may approve.


(b)         it relates to the manufacture of

  1. pharmaceuticals; or
  2. medical devices.

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Source: Economic Development Board Mauritius

Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

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